Kevin's Budget Presentation to the
Holyoke Taxpayers Association, Feb. 18, 2016

(PowerPoint Presentation)

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Fire Department Brownouts?

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News and Events

December 20, 2017:
Goodbyes given to Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain after 24 vocal years

December 12, 2017:
'No' says Holyoke Council to Mayor Alex Morse budget-balancing proposals

November 20, 2017:
Panhandling curbs face Holyoke City Council debate

September 13, 2017:
Minimalist approach to address panhandling considered in Holyoke

August 17, 2017:
'Making Holyoke into corporate drug dealer' says Council President Kevin Jourdain about Mayor Alex Morse on marijuana moratorium

June 6, 2017:
Holyoke city council discusses concern for dirty stray needles

June 6, 2017:
Barriers to panhandlers at traffic intersections OK'd by Holyoke Council