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Donate to Kevin's Committee

Thank you for your consideration and help with my effort to be your City Councilor at-Large
Please take some time to review the guidelines below:
  • Contributions must be by Personal Check, by Credit Card or with your PayPal Account
  • $1,000.00 maximum in a calendar year per contributor
  • No cash or money order contributions, please
  • We are required to have a name and address for each contributor
  • Contributions may not be from companies or corporations. However, if you are a sole proprietor of your own business, "Doing Business As," you may write a check from your business.
  • Contributions may be made from any U.S. citizen
  • Contributions from American citizens living abroad are OK providing they have a Green Card
  • Contributions from foreign nationals are not allowed
  • Contributions from Massachusetts PACs are allowed
  • Include your employer and occupation if your cumulative donations in a calendar year are from $200 to $1,000
If you are paying by personal check, please fill in the form to the right and click the Submit button. Make check payable to:
The Jourdain Committee
and Mail to:
The Jourdain Committee
c/o Richard Berrena, Treasurer
307 Linden Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

(Please include your telephone number)
Donation questions? contact Rich at:
[email protected]

All done, Back to home page
If paying by Credit Card or your PayPal Account, please fill in the form to the right and click the Submit button to continue to further payment instructions:

Full name *
Address * * = required field
City * State * Zip Code *
Telephone * Email Address *
I intend to contribute $
I intend to pay by:
Credit Card
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For contributions of $200 or more (total for 1 calendar year), please supply Occupation and Employer:
I have contributed less than $200 this year
I have given $200 or more this year
Occupation and Employer (if $200 or more):

Clicking the "Submit" button below will send your information to the Jourdain Committee then continue to payment instructions for check or credit card