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Local Issues Concerning Holyoke Residents

Kevin Jourdain: Fighting for Holyoke’s Future!

Keeping Holyoke affordable. Kevin has almost thirty years of municipal finance experience and has earned his reputation as “Holyoke’s Fiscal Watchdog.” He is keenly focused on protecting seniors and working families from more tax and fee increases because of wasteful spending. Kevin has consistently voiced his disagreement with the practice of using one-time revenues to balance the city budget, and he has raised concern about spending built on recent massive increases in property values. Meanwhile, Kevin has worked to expand tax exemptions for our seniors and veterans. He also has taken an active role in capital planning so that projects to improve city infrastructure don’t break the bank for taxpayers.

Making our streets safer. Kevin believes strongly in the need for public safety in all areas of Holyoke. He was the deciding vote to install a “Shot Spotter” system downtown so police know when and where trouble arises so victims can be saved and criminals can be held accountable. Through his support the network was doubled in size with grant funds. Kevin also has been an advocate for expanded community policing, and he has worked to support the Fire Department.

Saving money for taxpayers. A few years ago city leaders proposed the largest tax increase in city history. Kevin led the effort to reject this tax hike, arguing it was too expensive and wasteful. The voters agreed… but Kevin didn’t stop there. He brought city leaders together to develop a better plan, one that would build a new middle school for less money. As a result, Holyoke’s kids will benefit from having a new school building while taxpayers save tens of millions of dollars.

Demanding accountability. Last year, Kevin led efforts to establish regular performance reviews for city departments. Kevin also recently worked with the Mayor to develop a fiscal policy manual for use by city departments, to make sure best practices are used and that city finances are being managed responsibly. Kevin also has pushed the city to dramatically improve workplace safety and reduce costly injuries that hurt employees. Kevin gets results!

Supporting education and putting Holyoke back in charge of its schools. As a father of three Holyoke public school kids, Kevin has a deep respect for our teachers and values public education. He wants to make sure students have the resources and facilities they need to thrive. Most importantly, Kevin believes strongly that ending the current receivership is the best way to support our teachers, parents, and students. Holyoke’s schools need to be brought back under local control - now.

Growing Jobs and Economic Development. Holyoke’s residents have a right to a clean city and city that is in a good condition. Kevin will fight to make sure more resources are put into all areas of our city. He has been a consistent leader to clean up downtown, including repaving High Street. Holyoke needs to be business friendly and open for business. Kevin also supports economic development strategies that will support job and tax base growth, as well as clean up unused properties. We need to leverage public resources to support our business community through targeted tax incentives, jobs creating programs, and reasonable permitting to get struggling properties turned around and our tax base expanded.

Making smart energy choices. Kevin led recent efforts to eliminate a local moratorium against natural gas, and he encouraged state officials to expand non-pipeline capacity at the West Holyoke LNG facility. Kevin was adamant that he would not allow the thousands of Holyoke residents who rely on natural gas service to lose it and be forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in conversion costs to other dangerous and less efficient fuel sources. By acting decisively and responsibly, Kevin believes we can avoid costly energy rate increases while at the same time supporting development of certain green energy initiatives.

A trusted voice during difficult times. Kevin is a hard worker who delivers excellent constituent service. He is always responsive to the voters and listens to the people he serves. He is always prepared and has excellent attendance. Voters can always count on Kevin to get the job done right!